Writer/director Larry Blamire, best known for his hilariously spot-on sci-fi homage/pardoy The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, is not just a filmmaker; he's also a remarkable fine artist. Blamire used his artistic talents on a dream project called Steam Wars, which he describes as "Victorian warfare fought from giant steam powered war machines in the stylized form of ancient warriors". Blamire has created a series of incredible artwork in support of this imaginative concept, perfectly realizing his Steam Wars universe through paintings and sketches, and those images are now available as a 2010 wall calendar.

And, yes, Blamire has a script for a Steam Wars feature film ready to go, the large-scale story sounding a little beyond the budget range of his regular B-movie love letters. "The story follows three of these 'everymen' in the US Steam Force, as they struggle along, losing one rig after another--each time assigned a bigger one," Blamire describes his screenplay on the Steam Wars official site. "Staying with their POV allows us to experience firsthand different classifications of steam rig--from a small ajax class patrol rig to an 80-foot fighting goliath class. All in the shadow of the encroaching Prussian Empire, and the race to develop the biggest and the best." Seriously, how is this not a movie already?
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