One company in Los Angeles is helping to put the fun back in funeral with their custom made coffin couches.

The Coffin Couches crew gets their wares from funeral homes who are unable to sell some of their coffins due to cosmetic imperfections. The company looks for 18 gauge steel coffins which they reconfigure and modify into a custom coffin creation. Each cast iron leg is embossed with the universal biohazard symbol--a reminder that once a human body has been placed in a coffin it is considered biohazard tissue. Yummy!

Coffin Couches has done some work for some interesting clients including Jesse James (West Coast Choppers), Kat Von D (L.A. Ink) and the Los Angeles County Coroners Office. The 'uses' section on the Coffin Couch website totally cracks me up: retirement parties, small intimate hook-ups and game rooms are a few of the suggested uses.

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