Remember how in those old movies Castle Frankenstein would lay empty and unused for years between sequels? Eventually the villagers would grow angry, feeling that nightmarish structure was a constant reminder of the evil Frankenstein and his creature had inflicted upon their community -- plus it was blocking satellite reception. Armed with the memories of their murdered loved ones and the knowledge that The Super Bowl was just weeks away, the villagers would take torch in hand and burn that sumbitch to the ground.

By the same token, I can't imagine why Creepshow III still has a web presence. Like Castle Frankenstein, Creepshow III's website still crouches out there like a bloated spider on the world wide web, taunting me with the pain it has caused me. This is an utterly unwatchable horror anthology that fails on many levels and really has nothing to do with the first two Creepshow films. It's the sort of film you would only recommend to someone you genuinely dislike.

Creepshow III
hit DVD on May 15, 2007, and it can now be purchased through for a few bucks, so the time when this sad excuse for a motion picture could make any money is long since gone. As further evidence of the movie's questionable value let me direct your attention to the Amazon customer review entitled "Wow, this movie really sucked," and the notation that 28 out of 29 people found this review helpful.

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