One of my favorite horror sub-genres is the military horror flick. Movies like R-Pointand Dog Soldiers (and even Predator, which is almost a slasher movie on some levels) have appealed to me in a way I don't entirely understand (I never had a desire to be a soldier), but definitely appreciate.

So, when news of Stranded hit the internet yesterday (courtesy of Twitch), I got excited. When I read that it was going to star District B-13 star Cyril Raffaelli as part of the ensemble cast, the film immediately became one of my most anticipated titles for next year. If you're not sold on the movie based on those two bits of information alone, allow me to share the synopsis.

The North African Desert of the Sahara - 1960
Soldiers are sent on a rescue mission in the desert. Trapped in a sand storm, isolated from their commander, they run into Algerian rebels. As they seek shelter in an uncharted village another, invisible, threat comes out from the desert -- the Djinns. As their ranks are decimated, they'll face the longest night of their lives.

So, we've got soldiers trapped in the desert taking on Djinn (or genies, as they're more commonly known--although I doubt these ones are going to look like the one in Aladdin or I Dream of Jeannie). The subject matter isn't exactly groundbreaking (Alex Turner gave us the disappointing Red Sands earlier this year--it covered the same ground), but Stranded now has the opportunity to take what was a great idea and do it justice.

No word on distribution yet, but Twitch says a promising-looking promo reel was shown at AFM.
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