Though Danish actress Yutte Stensgaard's acting career isn't a success story, she still made an impression on Hammer audiences in her role as the spellbinding vampire, Mircalla, in part two of the Karnstein Trilogy, Lust for a Vampire. The film was not Hammer's finest achievement and has even been described as "one of the worst films ever made" by Ralph Bates who stars as Giles Barton. However, Stensgaard's beauty and girl next door appeal shone through despite the struggles Hammer faced in the wake of a new decade.

The blonde beauty was born Jytte Stensgaard but chose Yutte as her stage name since it was more easily pronounced. Somewhat naive to the profession, Yutte soon faced some difficult decisions about her career. "All the British films being made now have nude scenes," she told a Danish newspaper in 1968. "If not, people won't bother to see them, according to the producers. So sooner or later I'll probably have to jump on the bandwagon." After a few jobs, Hammer nabbed her and she was cast as the 1971 reincarnation of Carmilla Karnstein in Lust for a Vampire--a role previously played by Ingrid Pitt, whose shoes would be too big for her to fill according to the press after its release.
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