syfy logoHere's a sentence I never thought I'd be typing ... The minds behind the "existential comedy" I Heart Huckabees are producing a new science fiction comedy series for Syfy.

Huckabees writer-director David O. Russell is joining his visual effects supervisor, Russell Barrett, to develop a show called Outer Space Astronauts, about a group of misfit space explorers on a star trek aboard the O.S.S. Oklahoma. The show combines live-action scenes with 2D and 3D animation. Barrett reportedly shot and cut the series out of his home studio, enlisting friends and neighbors as actors. The folks over at SyFy think that's pretty cool:

"Syfy fans have never seen animation quite like this before," said Syfy exec Mark Stern. "Out of the basement and mind of show creator, Russell Barrett, he's delivered a funny and fresh take on the future of underground and homegrown animation today."

Outer Space Astronauts debuts Dec. 8, right before the season finale of Scare Tactics. Head after the jump to read the show's wacky character descriptions from Syfy.
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