I came home last night expecting to find a package at my front door containing the new Stephen King book Under the Dome. Now I think I'm going to have to request Amazon not leave new King books outside as their heft could easily be used by a burglar to knock my door of its hinges; even after his alleged 'retirement', King is still pumping out thousand page books. I love him for it, but man, I had to start a second To Read pile on my desk out of fear the first one would topple over with the added girth of this new behemoth and kill a cat.

But with a new King book comes new King happenings and the author was recently on hand for an Under the Dome signing in MD, which resulted in three juicy nuggets of info winding up on Lilja's Library. First up, when asked if his new novel about a small town in Maine that finds itself trapped within its city limits by a forcefield would be made into a movie, King said no, but that HBO was planning on turning it into a miniseries. Unfortunately there are no details beyond that.

He did however mention that he will be writing a new Dark Tower novel that will follow a few of his series' supporting players somewhere between the events of books 5 and 6. King, however, won't even begin writing the new entry, titled The Wind Through the Key Hole, for another eight months, so if you haven't read The Dark Tower, you've still got time to catch up.

The third major bit of news concerns the Talisman. King confirmed that the recent film adaptation attempt has died, but that Peter Straub and he are definitely teaming up together for a third Talisman novel. Some minor news beyond that, such as where the TV adaptation of Cell stands, slipped out as well, so click on to watch the full Q&A session.
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