No, you're not in a hemp-induced hallucination; Woody Harrelsonhas been around a lot lately.

He slayed the undead last month in 'Zombieland' and this weekend will try to survive the end of the world in Roland Emmerich's latest disaster flick '2012.' But the Texan had a more serious subject on his mind when we met up with him this week in Manhattan; namely, his other film opening this weekend, 'The Messenger.'

A war film that focuses more on the home front than the battlefield -- in the vein of Hal Ashby's 'Coming Home' or 'The Last Detail' -- Harrelson and Ben Foster ('Pandorum') play two Army officers who have the agonizing responsibility of reporting the death of soldiers to their next of kin. In the process the two build an indelible friendship while battling their own personal demons.