Over the course of her career, Carla Gugino has refused to be pigeonholed, tackling a diverse cornucopia of roles that include butt-kicking mom in the family-friendly 'Spy Kids' franchise, Vincent Chase's sexy, strong-willed agent/lover on HBO's 'Entourage'; Marv's topless lesbian parole officer in 'Sin City' and a former superhero in 'Watchmen.'

And she won't have to worry about being type-cast with her latest movie 'Women in Trouble,' which is in select theaters now. The movie can be summed up in eight words: Hot women in their underwear helping each other. I know, it sounds like porn -- but it isn't (seriously). That said, Gugino does play a porn star -- one who's just learned she's pregnant and has no clue what to do about her predicament. Luckily for her -- and audiences -- she finds herself trapped in an elevator on the hottest day of the year with a businesswoman (Connie Britton) who's also at a crossroads in her life. The two strip to their bra and panties ... and then things get really revealing.

In an exclusive interview, Gugino tells Moviefone why she and her sexy co-stars -- including 'Entourage' starlet Emmanuelle Chriqui, 'Friday Night Lights' actress Adrianne Palicki and 'Sin City' co-star Marley Shelton, who play other women grappling with various interwoven crises -- were happy to peel of their clothes for director Sebastian Gutierrez (we're sure Gugino's decision had nothing to do with the fact that Gutierez is her longtime boyfriend); dishes on her new role in Zack Snyder's upcoming musical-action-noir 'Sucker Punch'; and reminsces about the good ole days making 'Son in Law' with Mr. Pauly Shore.<
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