As if the thought of one Independence Daysequel wasn't enough to wet your pants, Roland Emmerich now says he plans to make two. While it seems like his Independence Day sequel answer changes with each interview he gives, this latest bit of madness is perhaps the most fascinating. Essentially, Emmerich told MTV that he wants two do two movies with a large story arc and that they will pick up right where the original left off.

As far as what to call it, Emmerich threw out the ridiculous title ID4-Ever parts I and II. Personally I think the guy is just off his rocker and having fun with everyone. Seriously, there's no way in hell Will Smith is returning to make two Independence Day sequels. Maybe one, but never two. They'd have to pay him a billion dollars or more to return to this franchise. Could I see another Independence Day in theaters. Yes, totally. And it'd make a killing, too. But there's only so many ways aliens can come down to earth and blow things up. Where else do you go with that?
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