Ben Foster in The Messenger'The Messenger' was a standout at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and reviews continue to be positive, with a few exceptions, as the movie hits theaters. Inspired by his own experience in the Israeli military, director (and co-writer) Oren Moverman has crafted an emotionally intense film about an Iraqi War hero (Ben Foster) assigned to the U.S. Army's Casualty Notification Service. In his unenviable task of notifying the families of those killed in action, he is partnered by an older, crustier career soldier (Woody Harrelson), with whom he forms an unlikely friendship.

Though the subject matter is uncomfortable, critics generally agree it's handled nicely, while the performances of Foster and Harrelson are almost uniformly praised. Some reviewers cite the subplot involving a war widow (Samantha Morton) as the film's weakest spot.
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