Why don't people in real life put on a costume, get a few gadgets and fight crime? Because the idea is completely bonkers. This flick based on a comic book by Mark Millar features a group of young people putting on the spandex and, as the title suggests, kicking some ass. This looks pretty cool, but we'll find out for sure on April 16.

Extraordinary Measures
Brendan Fraser stars as a father whose children are dying from a genetic disorder. Desperate to save them he funds the work of an eccentric but brilliant researcher (Harrison Ford) in hopes of finding a cure. I suspect this will be a good old fashioned tear-jerker. If that's your cup of tea you can check it out on January 22.

Grown Ups
A bunch of SNL veterans (Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and David Spade) along with that guy from King of Queens (Kevin James) play old friends reuniting for the first time in 30 years. The "reunion" formula is one of those cliches I remember my Writing Arts teacher warning me away from, and it doesn't look like they're doing anything especially original with it. This will be out on June 25. (Watch the trailer after the jump)