Do you ever wish you could reach through your screen and just slap the stupid out of someone? Sure you do! It's the internet! Since the early days of hearing a horrible 28K squelch, wanting to choke a dolt is part and parcel with the internet. So why should it stop now? In our delving into the scariest videos on the web, we came across this one. Recently featured as one of the 10 scariest internet videos by, we have two hayseeds breaking into an abandoned church. Maybe they're just trying to make something entertaining. Maybe they're not really attempting to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. But maybe I still want to set them on fire.

You see, from a critical perspective, they break one of the cardinal rules of horror. They toss subtlety out the window in exchange for throwing screaming idiots in your face. With the assumption that this is completely fabricated, it could have been so much better. They had this great location - an abandoned church - and a piano, but what do they do? They pollute it with howling rednecks! If they'd only had a quiet trek through this ramshackle building and maybe heard lilts of piano chords coming out of the darkness, then this might have gone down a little easier.
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