John Cusack in 2012Roland Emmerich's '2012,' an apocalypse movie that has the world coming to an end thanks to a solar flare, got off to a blazing start at the box office on Friday, grossing more than $22 million at 3,404 theaters. According to the theater monitoring company Exhibitor Relations, that opening day business projects to a $60 million weekend for '2012.'

'Disney's A Christmas Carol' was doing a little better than analysts expected and now seems primed for a $20 million second weekend, which would put its running total at about $61 million.

As of Saturday morning, the estimates for third through sixth place were too close to call from among 'The Men Who Stare' at Goats,''This is It,''The Fourth Kind,' and 'Precious,' which is playing in 174 theaters, all selling about the same number of tickets.