Those crazy cats at Capcom titled their last Resident Evil: The Darkside Chroniclestrailer as the "final" one--but it turns out they were just pulling our leg. Gametrailers has scored an exclusive new clip for the game that's notable mostly because it's interactive in a way many trailers aren't.

The new clip (which can be viewed here because it can't be embedded on other sites) showcases lots of gameplay footage. What sets it apart from a bazillion other game trailers is that there are certain parts where players are required to kill zombies with their mouse. If that weren't interesting enough, the clip's action is too intense to be contained in a simple flash player window. Blood sprays outside the viewer, surrounding text is obliterated, and the glass of your monitor shatters (not really...) in a new example of "breaking the fourth wall."

It's certainly a neat clip and judging by internet response so far, it seems to have been something of a success in creating last minute buzz for the title (which is fighting the uphill battle of being an on-rails shooter and a Mature-rated game on the Wii). Will it help The Darkside Chronicles find an audience on a console more known for silly sports titles, weight loss "games", and loads of shovelware than anything else? We'll find out when the game hits retailers on November 17th.
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