Amish horror! I always knew they were up to something, with their button-less clothes and their horse-drawn carriages. That's why I fear Pennsylvania. Cinema has taught us that Pennsylvania is filthy with both the Amish and with zombies. And Scott Weinberg. If you're a horror nut, you're always seeking to fill in those gaps in your knowledge, trying to get your hands on some obscure 70's giallo or see some of the lesser known fair by your favorite directors. Whether it's Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive or Romero's There's Always Vanilla, there's always some little piece of film that escapes your grasp. I realized recently that Wes Craven has quite a few of those (and with good reason, I would learn). Back in 1981, after Craven had introduced us to irradiated mutants and psychotic rapists, but before he birthed Freddy, he gave us Deadly Blessing.
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