To anyone who's ever attended Slamdance, AFI Fest, Silverdocs, Fantastic Fest, or any number of great film festivals, B-Side is a gift from the heavens. It's a remarkably user-friendly website that creates scheduling and ticketing services for well over 200 festivals around the world ... and now they're headed to Park City. This is a big leap for the B-Side boys, not because they haven't dealt with large and excellent fests before, but c'mon ... this is Sundance. She's a biggie.

To get a taste of what B-Side is like, check out the set-up they put together for the Santa Fe Film Festival. Now imagine that for Sundance! Congrats to our friends at B-Side, because I'm sure they've yearned to take on Sundance for a while now. Based on my rather thorough experiences with both Sundance and B-Side, this marriage makes me very happy indeed. If ever there was a festival that could benefit from B-Side's 'Festival Genius' application, it's Sundance. Next stop, Toronto!

Read more on the new partnership right here.
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