Commuting to work sucks, we all know this. But there's no reason that it has to be the mind-numbing, soul-sucking chore that it is. If you're one of the millions whose commute takes place entirely in a car, then I apologize, as I believe the following is illegal in most states; but if you take a bus or a train to work, first pat yourself on the back for trying to minimize your carbon footprint, and then when you're done with that head over to iTunes to download Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and/or the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which are newly available on the service. We're going to try a little experiment.

Next time you're sitting there with your iPhone out or your preferred portable media player of choice, fire up a little McNaughton or Hooper love and see how long it takes the person next to you to glance at what you're watching and turn away in disgust. And if they fail to notice you, just slowly inch closer to them until they do. For best effect, try to wear a blood stained wife beater just like Michael Rooker. Also, have a friend sitting on the opposite side of the bus and/or train recording the whole thing and then upload their reactions to YouTube. It'll be a new craze, now we just need a catchy name for it...

Sound like too much work? Ah, you're probably right. Oh well, you can still enjoy the movies even without creeping out strangers.
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