Troll 2
is not a good movie. It's not even a bad movie. It is an entity unto itself, a conundrum of film-making that rivals Plan 9 from Outer Space in terms of its ability to invoke unintentional laughter and unforgivable groans. No other film is worthy of the phrase "so good it's bad" than Troll 2, so perhaps this is why it has become an unlikely cult phenomenon, attracting thousands of viewers to special screenings across the country nearly two decades later. This is what Michael Stephenson, child-actor and star of Troll 2, wanted to explore in his phenomenal documentary Best Worst Movie.

Although ostensibly about George Hardy, the Alabama dentist-cum-cult celebrity who portrayed Stephenson's father, Best Worst Movie focuses heavily on the cult status of the film and the impact it has had on those not just involved with its production but the devoted fans around the country who fill packed theaters, hold Troll 2 parties, and even get tattoos in celebration of the 'best worst movie' ever made. Stephenson and Hardy travel the country visiting film festivals and interviewing fans in an effort to answer the question "Why is this movie so loved?" Through this they reconnect with the original cast members, including the director and writer, and through candid interviews and a myriad of screenings we're given an intimate look at the impact this seemingly forgetful low-budget monstrosity of a film has had not just on their lives, but on the very nature of fandom as a whole.
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