Few shows have earned as much real estate in my heart as the wonderful WB/CW sitcom Gilmore Girls. Maybe it's the pretentious pop culture devourer in me. Or the hopeless romantic who always wished (and still does) that Rory would ditch Dean and Logan and run off into the sunset with her One True Love, Jess. (Sorry, are you on Team Dean? I will fight you. Team Jess forever!) No show has had as much love for its smart, sassy women, or packed as many caffeine-fueled zingers and indie rock cameos into the span of an hour, than this lovely small town fantasy set in Stars Hollow, CT.

And yet, despite my overwhelming love for Gilmore Girls, I had major issues with the last few seasons. To be honest, I didn't watch the final episode simply out of spite. But apparently I'm not alone; show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino hasn't watched the entire last season! Major burn!
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