According to a casting notice leaked by SpoilerTV, producers for Spider-Man 4are currently searching for a young boy with red hair who they simply call "Toddler Boy". Now, last time we checked "Toddler Boy" wasn't a real superhero and I can't really see any Marvel/Problem Child Franchise cross-overs (though anything is possible), so who is this kid? Here's the official description:

Spider-Man 4 - Official Casting Call for Baby Boy with Red Hair


2 or 3 year old boy to play 2 year old, Caucasian with RED HAIR, an adorable toddler with an engaging personality, on set experience preferred. IDENTICAL TWINS ONLY

Okay, there are some clues -- note that he needs to be "adorable" and have an "engaging personality", which means no ugly quiet kids. I'm thinking this could really only go a few different ways: either Peter Parker and Mary Jane have had a child since the third installment (or maybe Mary Jane ditched Parker and got knocked up by some other dude), or, as others have suggested, the villain Cletus Kasady (aka Carnage) as a young baby. Then again, who the hell cares about villains when they're babies? If I'm going to root against someone, I don't want to see them as an adorable, engaging toddler first.

Then again, he could be a side character -- a kid who runs around The Daily Bugle causing trouble, or, like, the annoying nephew Mary Jane uses to convince Peter Parker to have a kid. Like I said, could go a number of different ways ... let's just hope Sam Raimi doesn't pull a Superman Returns and give us Spider-Boy by the time the end credits roll.

[via Slashfilm]
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