You think you're sick of seeing Twilight-centric posts on blogs? Imagine living in Forks, the poor Washington town hugging Olympic National Park which is the setting for the Twilight books and films (though much of it is filmed in Vancouver). As popularity in the series increases, fans flock to the small town to get a peek at the real thing, which means sparkly vamps all the time, everywhere. One day, you're enjoying your forest-thick hometown, and the next you're the focus of fangirl fervor -- your poor Chamber of Commerce having to field questions about safe, vampire-free camping spots.

The Wrap has published a post looking into how the town is dealing with its newfound fame -- we're talking an increase from 8,000 yearly tourists to 67,000 -- and, subsequently, the copyright issues. We all know how far some studios can take copyright protection -- from bearing down on those who make any amount of money on a franchise's fame to fans who just like to make videos and computer wallpaper -- so of course, the big C would become an issue when a town cashes in on their new fame.

But so far? The studio ain't biting! Of course, this is a special case -- you can't exactly expect a town not to cash in or appease the masses descending on the area all of a sudden (not to mention the town has been hit real hard by the recession). If they have to deal with the fans, they should get something out of it, right? Empty storefronts have been replaced with Twilight-themed fare, and as we recently learned, a Volterra-themed restaurant is in the works.

One could hope this would change some of the other studios' iron-hand attitude towards copyright, but I doubt it. What do you think? How far should Forks be able to cash in on the situation before they've taken it too far?
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