Everyone loves a good seasonal discount, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing some insane discounts this particular holiday season, especially when it comes to DVDs. Case in point: If you're one of the seven people who don't currently own The Dark Knight on DVD, make sure to head over to Target because they'll be selling the film -- which was released in 2008, mind you -- with a bargain-basement price tag of $3.99. The move comes not long after it was announced that Target, Walmart and Amazon were at war with one another -- hacking and slashing their DVD prices in an attempt to win the most holiday shoppers. While all three retailers were originally planning to sell popular upcoming titles like Star Trek, Night at the Museum 2 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for only $10, Target has now upped the ante by offering The Dark Knight for a measly $3.99 ... and, reportedly, the Blu-ray for $12.99.

Other 2008 films Target plans to sell for $3.99 include Sex and the City and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Personally, I can't wait to see how far these guys go while trying to one up the other. If Target will sell The Dark Knight for $3.99, will Walmart give it to you for two bucks? Or maybe Amazon will send a Batman and Joker performer to your house to re-enact the entire film live in person for, like, a dollar? That'd be cool.

Definitely keep your eyes peeled on some of these deep DVD discounts and let us know what the best buys are in the comments section.

UPDATE: It's important to note that this is indeed part of a two-day Black Friday sale beginning on November 27th at 5am. For more details, head here.

[via ICv2, Comics Alliance]
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