If there's one indisputable fact in the movie business, it's this: Viewers love a good car chase. And for three decades, some of the finest minds in cinema have wracked their brains trying to figure out how to top the classic chase sequence in 1968's 'Bullitt.' The simple stroke of genius that finally answered that dilemma? If one car chase is great, then a bunch of car chases would be even better.

Yes, today's free flick of the day suggestion is none other than the Robert De Niro thriller 'Ronin,' which blew away both audiences and land speed records when it dropped back in 1998. Co-starring French action icon Jean Reno, 'Ronin' features some of the greatest high speed pursuit scenes in film history. Shot without the benefit of CGI or special effects, the authenticity of the amazing driving helps elevate this tale of a group of mercenaries feuding over a mysterious briefcase that is the target of both private citizens and governments alike.
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