I'm not the biggest vampire fan in the world, but I did really like Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlinesfor the PC when it was all the rage a few years back. Since then, I've spent a lot of time looking for a game in that same vein. Cmedia's upcoming release, Vampire Hunters probably isn't going to be as good as Bloodlines was, but judging from the press release and a new gameplay trailer, there may be some fun to be had for those adventurous enough to plunk down $16.99 to try it out.

What's most disappointing about the trailer is that the 'vampire hunter' of the title doesn't seem to slaughter any sparkling vampires. I'd be all in on a game that basically put me in a world where killing Twilight characters was not only encouraged, but rewarded. If you can get past that letdown, the rest of Vampire Hunters looks to be a mixture of adventure-styled exploration coupled with a turn-based combat system ripped straight out of your traditional Japanese Role-Playing Game.

I'm generally a fan of turn-based RPGs, but the mechanic looks clunky in this game's trailer. Killing vampires seems like it should be more action-oriented, and even the inclusion of an "active time battle system" (meaning that combat doesn't devolve completely into a "enemy turn, your turn, enemy turn" mess) doesn't seem to be helping. I'll cross my fingers and hope it's much more engaging in the game proper.

You can learn more about this title (and purchase it through direct download) by checking out the official Vampire Hunters website.

Travel beyond the jump for a look at the gameplay trailer.
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