Terminator is in trouble. Halcyon is on the verge of bankruptcy and the only real commodity they have are the rights to make new Terminator films, which they plan on selling for a big chunk of money to pay off their even bigger chunk of debt. Enter Joss Whedon with an open letter plea to buy the rights to Terminator, acknowledging that while his offer of $10,000 may have been a bit low, he would do the franchise right, returning it to the cinematic Sci-Fi glory it once knew.

Yet while no one took Joss Whedon's humorous open letter without a grain of salt, the folks at Dark Horse comics did take another Terminator-related Whedon pitch seriously. Except this one is from another side of the family gene pool. Zack Whedon wrote on Techland (via ComicsAlliance):

"I am currently working on a six issue Terminator series for Dark Horse. I just turned in the first script and I'm very excited about it. I love Terminator. I think that movie is so good. Holy Toledo is it good. Now I get to play in that universe and make up Terminator stories of my own that people will get to read. I am not a big-time, famous dude and yet now I am choreographing action sequences set in a post-apocalyptic future overrun by evil cybernetic organisms hell bent on destroying the human race. How is that possible?!"
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