20,000 Leagues Under The SeaAs far as remakes (or "reimaginings" if you prefer Hollywood studio jargon) go, the McG-fronted 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea project certainly felt like one of the less threatening ones on the horizon. Unlike, say Videodrome or Straw Dogs, the original 1954 film starring James Mason isn't a masterpiece so much as a really fun flick with special effects that have aged surprisingly well. The blasphemy factor was pretty minute.

Sure, an updated, presumably CGI-heavy version of the film is about as necessary as a similar go at Clash of the Titans, but the idea of McG taking on Captain Nemo has raised a lot less hairs on the geek blogosphere than his announcement as the heir to the Terminator franchise.

Well, no matter how you felt about it, things sure are drying up for McG fast. Terminator 5 is wrapped up in the Halycon legal fiasco and no matter who drew first, McG has left 20,000 Leagues and Disney has announced that the $150-million planned pic is now on hold indefinitely.

The announcement comes as new Disney chief Rich Ross's first major move, with the project's start date looming only a few months off in February. Is this a supreme cinematic tragedy? Most would say no, and maybe in a way, it's a rare sign of studio fiscal responsibility. Not that this one was shaping up to be another Land of the Lost, but an updated Captain Nemo flick just isn't something that anyone seems to be begging for.

However, with screenwriter Michael Chabon's (Spider-Man 2, the upcoming Disney-Pixar adaptation of John Carter of Mars) involvement on the screenplay, there was reason enough to believe that a new 20,000 Leagues might not have been such a bad thing. Contemplate the loss of a tentpole while viewing the embedded trailer for the 1954 original below.
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