Yes, it's all Left 4 Dead all day! In honor of the highly-anticipated sequel (on shelves today!) we're having the Squad ramble about the franchise, and my topic is this: Please don't make a Left 4 Dead movie. I know this advice may come as a disappointment to several hungry producers who've seen the game (and the pre-order numbers on the sequel) and have visions of a Resident Evil-style movie series, but here's why it's a bad idea:

Left 4 Dead (and its sequel) are bare-bones, boiled-down zombie movies already. Take the concepts from Romero, several dashes from 28 Days Later and the Dawn of the Dead remake, dip it into a wonderfully gory and post-apocalyptic setting, and populate the tale with four colorful (but intentionally generic) survivors. The game is already a movie homage, is what I'm saying, and to switch things around and make it back into a movie ... meh, seems like the result would be a copy of a copy of a copy. (Office workers know how lame that can be.) Hell, even the "load screens" (like the one in this very post) are a light mockery of movie marketing!

Oh sure, you could definitely make a Left 4 Dead movie starring Jason Statham, Rachel Nichols, Bruce Dern, and Chiwetel Ejiofor (my dream cast) ... but that doesn't mean you should. But since we all know it will happen eventually, I can't help but wonder who'd direct it. Vegas odds would give it to Paul W.S. Anderson, but I say give it to Ruben Fleischer. Yep, the guy who directed Zombieland. Or Peter Berg.
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