You may know her as Thirteen on 'House,' but Olivia Wilde has been busy with a host of other projects that are taking her into new territory. She recently worked with Jeff Bridges on the sequel 'Tron Legacy.' which is due out late next year, and currently appears in 'Fix,' an independent film co-starring her husband Tao Ruspoli and Shawn Andrews (of 'Dazed and Confused' fame).

Inspired by an actual day that co-star/director Ruspoli experienced with his real-life brother, 'Fix' stars Andrews as a heroin addict who, assisted by his filmmaker brother (Ruspoli) and his wife (Wilde), has one day to raise $5,000 to get into rehab by that night or face a jail term of three years.

Despite playing opposite and being directed by her real-life spouse, Wilde found the experience to be fun. "When you know someone so well you have a really quick line of communication, and I found that made everything run really smoothly," the actress explains. "Hopefully when you love someone you really trust them, and the best thing is to be able to trust your director. That's the ideal for an actor. I thought it was really great."
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