Having trouble finding tickets in your city for the newly crowned box-office smash 'Precious'? Don't fret; I'm here to help.

Now that word has gotten out on the 2009 Sundance gem--averaging a sizable take of $35,000 per screen in 174 theaters over the weekend--Lionsgate will reportedly expand the film's roll-out to a handsome count of 600+ theaters by Thanksgiving weekend. Check out what Mo'Nique has to say about the film's success in our exclusive interview.

Below you'll find the theater locations of where 'Precious' is currently playing, as well as the upcoming locations and dates of the expanded roll-out schedule. Also, if you can't find your local neighborhood theater listed here, you can demand Lionsgate to release 'Precious' in your city by calling 877-370-6824.
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