I love to study fandom as much as I love to participate in it. The culture of obsession is a fascinating one, and as a college student I harbored delusions of grandeur that I'd be able to crack it -- and not only would I solve it, but I'd do it with a single project in American Culture I. Oh, how easy everything seems when you're 19! Obviously, I failed to plumb the depths of fandom in a single semester, and after years of trying to figure it out, the only thing I'm sure of is that everyone is obsessed with something. It might be anime, it might be the reenacting the Battle of Borodino, but everyone's got their quirk. While you may be able to make a strong case that one is a little more relevant than the other (historical reenactors do have a useful place in terms of education), but I'm not sure you can argue that one is healthier than the other. When you're obsessed, you're intense. It's ok. We all are.

One aspect of film fandom has been nagging me for some time, though, and that's the widespread devotion to bad films. I've been itching to explore it, but have found myself unable to really get the heart of it. However, the heady combination of Best Worst Movie and Troll 2 has given me a little more bravery and inspiration to try and understand just why we watch what we do.

That's a dumb question, right? We watch what we enjoy. We want to have fun when we go to the movies. But I think I speak for everyone when I say that a really good film -- a Martin Scorsese, a Darren Aronofsky, a Peter Weir -- is just as satisfying as a bit of pulpy popcorn. When I've seen something really solid and original, I walk out feeling like that was the best money I've ever spent. So why on earth do we revel in bad movies?

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