You know that small communication device that you use in lieu of old-timey letter writing? Are you aware that it's science fiction? Or that mysterious screen on your desk capable of supplying you with every fact ever recorded in the known universe? Also science fiction. Oh, and your collection of ready-to-view-at-a-moment's-notice motion picture discs? You guessed it: SCIENCE FICTION.

We may not be living in cities in the clouds or commuting in jetpacks and I'm still waiting on my personal Butler-Bot 3000, but I'm not going to deny that our world feels very much like The Future. Don't believe me? Well, use whatever handy-dandy interweb gadget you have in your possession to click on over to this cool list of 15 Inventions Inspired by Science Fiction. It turns out that everything from Fahrenheit 451 (home theater systems!) to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Kindles!) have inspired the resident geniuses among us to make the future happen now.

My favorite tidbits: James Tiberius Kirk inspiring the cellular telephone sometime between driving his stepfather's car off a canyon and battling a Gorn, the taser secretly being the geekiest acronym ever, Arthur C. Clarke predicting satellite communication seven years before the launch of Sputnik and the military watching the climax of Aliens and saying "Hey! We can do that!"

Anyway, check out the full list to see for yourself just how much reality has plagiarized fiction. If I were science fiction, I'd be calling my lawyers.
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