I'm already a big Kevin McKidd fan from his work on television shows like Rome and the woefully under-seen Journeyman, as well as his turns in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven and Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers, but his comments on the increasing possibility of a Call of Duty film have made me love the actor even more. For those who weren't in line at midnight for the recent launch of the latest CoD entry, Modern Warfare 2, you should know that Call of Duty is a first-person-shooter video game series that started off during World War II but has since spread its settings throughout the last hundred or so years of combat.

A few months ago Activision, the game's publisher, filed for a Call of Dutymovie-related trademark, hinting that they were planning on kick-starting a film franchise as well. After the $550 millon success of Modern Warfare 2, the New York Post caught up with Kevin McKidd, who lends his voice to Soap, one of the games' staple characters, about his involvement with the project and if there was any progress on the film front. His response is golden:

"They were looking for a rough, Scottish actor in Hollywood they probably couldn't get Gerard Butler, so they got the No. 2 Gerard Butler, me. I had no idea it would be so huge, and now there are talks of a feature film," ... "if the script is good, and Gerard isn't available [laughs], then absolutely."
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