All the brightest students at colleges across the nation know that the most practical subject to study is zombie defense. College campuses everywhere are transforming their facilities into a training ground for zombie hunters with a game called Humans Vs. Zombies (HvZ).

In 2005, students at Goucher College invented the game Humans Vs. Zombies, which functions as a moderated form of tag. Humans are identified by a red band worn on the arm or leg and zombies wear the same band around their forehead. Each player is assigned an ID number so their kills can be recorded in the game's online network. Humans stay alive by defending themselves with Nerf guns. The zombie's goal is to increase their numbers by feeding at least every 48 hours. Humans try to survive the zombie outbreak (started by the Original Zombie 'OZ') by outsmarting the growing group of flesh eaters, but anything is possible.

The game is commonly played at college campuses but other groups have cropped up around the world. There's a nifty little game guide online if you're interested in starting your own group. Though the site admits the game requires a lot of planning and organization, if you're committed to thwarting the zombie brigade it's a necessity. Stephen Colbert even named it the number-one threat to America in the "Threat Down."

Has anyone played this before? I feel robbed of a proper college education. I went to art school and now I'm wishing there was less arty and more zombie. Hit the jump for a some HvZ video action.
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