Funnyman Will Arnett is about to boldly go where no man has gone before, launching himself into the spacey romantic comedy 'Space Invader' for Fox. In a story that seems ripped from recent headlines, the sordid astronaut love story is set to star Arnett as a lovelorn romantic who stows away on a space mission to check up on his astronaut girlfriend who he suspects is doing more than counting stars with a fellow spacewalker.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that actor, writer and occasional director Justin Theroux is penning 'Space Invader' from an original draft by Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger. And if anyone can pull off such an unusual premise for a rom-com, it's Arnett and Theroux, two offbeat artists known for their risk-taking approach to their craft. Breaking the Hollywood movie mold has resulted in Theroux giving audiences one of the most original blockbusters of the decade, 'Tropic Thunder,' and Arnett's timeless cult classic TV series 'Arrested Development' continues expanding its audience with an upcoming big screen adaptation due in 2011. Having recently wrapped writing 'Iron Man 2,' Theroux is also being considered to helm 'Space Invader.'
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