Larry CharlesLooks like TV veteran Larry Charles (also Borat, Bruno) is about to get his inner-geek on for NBC. Charles will be developing (writing, directing, exec producing) a partially scripted sitcom for NBC about a group of sci-fi geeks who band together to resurrect their favorite show from cancellation.

The project will be set up through Warner Bros. TV via McG's company, Wonderland Sound and Vision. McG comes to the fold as another executive producer. Strangely enough, the studio and network are referring to this as a "prototype" and not a "pilot", perhaps due to the semi-scripted nature of the show, as it may need some tweaking.

Considering Charles's great track record, it doesn't worry me so much that the guy has nothing on his resume screaming "I love science fiction!" He's produced tons of Seinfeld, directed his fair share of Curb Your Enthusiasm and wrote four Entourage episodes from the show's early (read: better) years. Not to mention, the guy wrote two episodes of the short-lived, live-action version of The Tick, which earns him endless geek cred in my book.

Besides, surely the fact that the guy (pictured right) kind of looks like he's from outer space counts for something ... right? Let us hope that this one makes it to air eventually, because if done right, the concept is pretty damn appealing. Also, while the announcement is still fresh, may we kindly suggest, Mr. Charles, that you consider Rupert Murdoch and the Fox network for the role of the show-canceling villain? Just think about it.

(via Variety)
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