We've seen sci-fi drama, sci-fi action, and sci-fi horror, now Will Arnett is attached to star in a sci-fi romantic comedy for Fox. Space Invader is a new script from Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder, upcoming Iron Man 2) that finds Arnett as an astronaut who goes into space with the sole purpose of confronting another astronaut who he suspects is sleeping with his girlfriend.

This could be the right project to become a break-out role for Arnett, an actor who has yet to make the transition from TV funnyman to comedy movie star. Theroux is a smart screenwriter, and even though the sci-fi rom-com is not a proven genre, I trust Theroux's smart-aleck wit will find comedy gold in the high concept astronaut-vs-astronaut premise.

What do you think?

(via Hollywood Reporter)
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