This one should be taken with a grain of salt folks, especially with Rachel McAdams now denying those previous rumors about her being courted for The Black Cat in Spider-Man 4. But Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Anne Hathaway has been approached to star in the forthcoming Spidey flick.

In the news brief, Finke verifies the following: that Hathaway has been sought for a lead role and that she will not be replacing Kirsten Dunst. Since we already know Bryce Dallas Howard is on board as Gwen Stacy and hence, will also not be replaced, it would seem that all signs point to Black Cat for Hathaway.

Frankly, I think it's perfect casting, if the rumor is indeed true. Finke is usually pretty on the ball with all things industry related, so there's no reason to doubt the credibility of the reporting or Finke's anonymous sources. It's more a matter of "let's not get all excited" in case Hathaway does not pan out. After the blind-siding travesty that was Spider-Man 3, the next installment sort of needs to have everything going for it and Hathaway would certainly be one more count for the win column, but let me re-stress -- Finke says Hathaway has only been approached by Sony, not cast, so treat the news appropriately.
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