To borrow a phrase from Stephen Colbert, a journalistic wag of the finger to The Times (UK) for what can only politely be referred to as a severe lapse of editorial judgment. Considering the actions at hand though, "deliberately stealing" might be more appropriate.

Director/genius Edgar Wright recently wrote a heartfelt tribute to actor Edward Woodward on his blog. Woodward -- who is best known for his roles on TV shows Callan and The Equalizer, and also the original The Wicker Man and Wright's Hot Fuzz -- died on Monday at age 79. This morning (EST), Wright brought to attention (via his Twitter account) that The Times had not only butchered and reproduced his Woodward rememberance without Wright's permission, but the UK-based daily newspaper packaged the piece as if Wright had written it for the paper.

The Woodward remembrance appears in both the print and online editions of The Times. Judging by the tone of his tweets, Wright is understandably and justifiably pissed off. In Wright's original blog post, he recounts his personal connection as a child to Woodward's TV persona in Callan, and later, the fulfillment of his childhood nostalgia by getting to know Woodward personally during Hot Fuzz. Reading The Times piece, you cannot possibly understand how much this one actor meant to Wright.

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