Well, looks like those rumors that Lost would premiere in January were a bit premature as ABC has finally announced that the show will debut its two-hour season opener on February 2nd during an all-night Lost-a-thon on the network that will begin with an hour-long recap from 8-9pm, followed by the two-hour season premiere from 9-11pm. Lost will then continue to air episodes in its regular time slot on Tuesdays nights from 9-10pm beginning the following week on February 9.

Seeing as the Winter Olympics begin on the week of the 9th -- and that Lost will be taking a break during the Olympics -- it looks like we'll only get two weeks of the show (and three hours worth) before we have to say goodbye for the month of February. And knowing those Losties, they'll leave us one helluva cliffhanger. Can't wait!
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