The good people over at /Film bring us word of yet more production problems for The Wolfman. If you recall, it was reported earlier this month that composer Danny Elfman had been replaced and the film has already suffered a delayed release date and a very early change in directors. This time it seems editor, Dennis Virkler, has been ousted after an early cut screened in LA. The two new editors called in are veterans Mark Goldblatt (Terminator, Terminator 2, Robocop) and Walter Murch (Godfather 2, Apocalypse Now). Is this the straw that breaks The Wolfman's back? Or is this perhaps the one silver lining for this woeful project?

I'm going to take the optimistic route here and say that this may be the first piece of promising information to surface about this film in some time. Talk about calling in the freaking A-Team, right? You have two guys whose resumes read like AFI lists so there is no disputing their qualifications. But the question I keep coming back to is why not hire these two right out of the gate instead of having them ride in like the cavalry and clean up the mess left by the previous dupe?

And for that matter, how did Virkler get this gig in the first place? Was it his top notch work onXanaduor possibly the air-tight pacing of Batman & Robin? Sure, Goldblatt has a few stinkers of his own under his belt but the man edited both Terminator films. And nobody can touch Murch. I think this is awesome news for a flat-lining film and my only remaining concern is weather the dream team will be able to polish whatever turd so panicked the producers that they called these two to the rescue.
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