Either you're a huge fan of the 'Twilight' series or you're not: Based on critics' reviews, the new film, 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon,' is unlikely to convert any non-believers. Not when critics like Roger Ebert groan, "Sitting through this experience is like driving a pickup in low gear though a sullen sea of Brylcreem." Ouch!

Director Chris Weitz takes the reins from 'Twilight' director Catherine Hardwicke; Without the passion for her characters and her more indie approach, many critics feel that the sequel simply falls flat. Some, however, prefer Weitz's more-polished style ... and then there are those who simply hated both films and probably can't tell the difference.

Non-fans cite the slow-pace ("The uninitiated might find that the film's deliberately unhurried 130-minute running time feels like a Cullen clan eternity," says the Hollywood Reporter). But most agree that the addition of werewolves to the saga livens up the proceedings. Whether you think endless shots of Taylor Lautner's bare torso are sigh-worthy or just silly probably depends on whether you count yourself a member of Team Jacob.

But hey, who needs critics, right? If what those grumpy Guses say matters to you, check out their reviews after the jump.