There is a new trailer out for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, 20th Century Fox' bid to get in on the financial treasures to be mined from film adaptation of young-adult fantasy novels, and for most people it should serve as the first real glimpse into what kind of an imaginary world Chris Columbus, after having ushered in the first two Harry Potter films, is bringing to life on the big screen. I know little about the series of fantasy-adventure novels by Rick Riordan, so it's nice to now have some clarification beyond the film's early teasers, which were merely announcing the title.

In this feature trailer you'll actually get a cursory look into the life of the titular Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman, who played Christian Bale's eldest son in 3:10 to Yuma), a teen who is unknowingly a descendant of the Greek God Poseidon, as well as glimpses of the film's nice array of adult actors countering the mostly young cast. We've got a look at Pierce Brosnan as Percy's guide to Greek mythology, as well as glimpses of Rosario Dawson as Persephone and Uma Thurman sporting an unhealthy amount of snakes around her head as Medusa, one of the several antagonists Percy will have to cross in order to recover a lightning bolt he is accused of having stolen from Zeus.

The film will be making its bow on February 10th, which means that between this and Clash of the Titans, Greek mythology is going to be undergoing a welcome, mini-resurgence in the first quarter of next year. So if you thought the trailer for the latter, which features plenty of big budget action and CGI beasties wasn't up your fantasy alley, give this trailer, embedded below, for Percy Jackson & the Olympians a try.