Three episodes in, and V is finally starting to show promise. Where the first two episodes force-fed the story without any real opportunity to savor it, or connect with the characters, "A Bright New Day" takes more of a tease approach, with a little less rush to tell the audience everything.

The episode recap: The FBI has to investigate a death threat at the Peace Center as the Visitors get visas, leading Erica to discover surveillance technology. The Cindy Sheehan-esque "voice of the anti-V movement," gets Anna's attention. Tyler and Lisa get closer, and Lisa picks Tyler for an undetermined purpose. Ryan seeks out other sleeper fifth columnists, as Dale recovers on the New York mothership, and Father Jack seeks other survivors from the warehouse.

There's still a lot taken for granted in V, but there are moments worth watching. Morena Baccarin, best known for her serenely gorgeous Inara on Firefly is serenely psychopathic as Anna. Even with the flaws of the series, she's still watchable. But Elizabeth Mitchell's Erica has the best scene in the episode, where she figures out just how some surveillance images occur. It's refreshing to see a character actively thinking and making a discovery.

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