As a fan of all things Jose Mojica Marins/Coffin Joe, news that Synapse has acquired the rights to the filmmaker's latest effort, Embodiment of Evil, makes me as giddy as pre-teen chick with midnight tickets to the new Twilight flick.

If you don't know who Marins/Coffin Joe is, take a peek at his Wikipedia entry to get caught up. The short version is that he's a classic horror icon from Brazil. His work was way ahead of its time and considered groundbreaking in terms of subverting cultural taboos when it was released. The first Coffin Joe film, 1963's At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, is amazing not only for introducing the Coffin Joe character and his quest to find a woman (by any means necessary...) to bear him a suitable heir, but also because it's amazingly well made given the equipment and budget he had to work with. Marins then followed that up with a second outing, This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse, that is also well worth checking out.

In 2008, Marins released Embodiment of Evil, which marks the first film the director has made in roughly thirty years. Embodiment of Evil has played the festival circuit, but now Synapse reveals they've acquired the US distribution rights through the following Twitter post: "You heard it here first... Synapse Films is proud to announce EMBODIMENT OF EVIL for Blu-Ray and DVD in 2010. More details to come..."

Shock Till You Drop is also reporting that there may be a limited theatrical run for the film as well, but that remains unconfirmed. Have no fear, though--I'm on the case. I'll bring you more details as they become available.

In the meantime, click past the jump to see the film's trailer.
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