The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences deciding to give an honorary Oscar to prolific schlock producer Roger Corman has stocked the fires of debate over at HorrorSquad papa site Cinematical. Eric Snider felt that producing over 550 films was not worthy of an Oscar, regardless of how many future actors, directors, writers and producers got their start in one of Corman's productions. Scott Weinberg, on the other hand, defended the decision, taking up the position that Corman's legacy has irreversibly altered the landscape of filmmaking in the decades since he began making films, which is absolutely worthy of a receiving an Oscar.

Personally, I side with Weinberg on this one, which is why it is a delight to watch the below videos. The event was, unfortunately, not televised (maybe they'll play a clip or two of it at next year's actual Oscars ceremony), but it was still an elegant affair worth checking out. The official Oscars website has put up a few video highlights from the event, which include kind words from Quentin Tarantino and Ron Howard, that are now embedded below thanks to Dread Central. So if you're a fan of Corman's, prepare to smile at a room full of some of Hollywood's most influential players giving him several rounds of applause.
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