Wired has a list of overlooked sci-fi films from the 1980s, as recalled by their readers. Apparently the list is different from the Wired writers' lists, but it's an odd mix of films. In looking over the list, I wonder just how they determine something is overlooked.

I can see Miracle Mile being on the list. It played at the first Fantastic Fest, and only a few people I talked to there remembered the film when it came out. And Looker, sure, a Michael Crichton film about murdered models. Even The Brother From Another Planet is not exactly well known, although it's a great film.

But it's got Aliens on the list. And Tron, The Abyss, and Brazil. Are these really overlooked films? And Back to the Future? It's overlooked? These are mainstream films, classics even, how can they be overlooked?

How about more obscure science fiction films. What do you think? What science fiction films from the 80s do you know and love, but no one else seems to remember? Hopefully you can come up with something other than MAC and me.
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