Gizmodo reports that Philips is testing Ambient Experience hospital suites, which incorporate their lighting technology with medical technology. There are 10 modes, and patients are allowed to choose their own color palette, sounds, and video.

Mark Wilson describes it as "hospital lighting reminiscent of a cylon base ship." Looking at the gallery of pictures of the Ambient Experience palettes, they look more distracting than soothing to me. They also report on a study that states the environment reduced the need for sedation by 28%. I imagine that the distraction of picking a palette and other aspects would be enough to reduce sedation requirements.

The Philips' Ambient Experience website talks about the four pillars of Ambient Experience, including physical and emotional comfort, patient and staff contact, experience personalization, and hospital flow. If it means that I don't have to sit in a room with fluorescent lights for two hours when I need relief from a migraine, I'm all for it.

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