Columbus Short in ArmoredWhether or not one supports the United States' ongoing war in Iraq, there is something upon which almost all blue-blooded Americans can agree: We appreciate the guts, the dedication and the selflessness of those men and women in the Armed Forces who wage a daily battle for our freedom. But do we really, fully grasp the extent of the sacrifice they make? And, perhaps more importantly, are Iraq War veterans treated with the respect they deserve when they return home and begin the difficult process of reassimilation into "normal life"?

Judging by the depiction of Iraq War veterans in the few films that have been bold enough to grapple with the touchy subject matter -- 'Stop Loss,' 'The Lucky Ones' and 'The Messenger,' to name a few -- the answer is a resounding "no."

The most recent movie to meet this hot-button topic head-on is the upcoming 'Armored,' a wham-bam, adrenaline-infused heist flick that also happens to poignantly depict how a decorated Iraq veteran (up-and-comer Columbus Short) reacts to the thankless hand he's dealt -- and the lack of options he's given -- upon his return home.
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