Sandra Bullock in 'Blind Side'Following the lead of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' and 'Precious,' Hollywood has pulled another best-seller off the shelf for a feature film adaptation with the 'The Blind Side,' opening November 20. Written and directed by John Lee Hancock and based on Michael Lewis' 2006 best-selling sports drama 'The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game,' the film comes to life with Sandra Bullock running the show as Leigh Anne Tuohy, an affluent socialite do-gooder whose family adopts an illiterate and neglected teenage schoolmate of her young son. Motivated by his supportive new family and a host of enviable opportunities, the teen becomes a sought-after college football prospect and eventually a first-round 2009 NFL draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens.

'The Blind Side' sticks to Hollywood's feel-good formula of inspiring audiences with the incredible tale of an unstoppable underdog, an old standby that made classics out of similar sports dramas like 'Rocky' and 'Rudy.' The fact that Hancock's picture is based on a true story gives the feature some added weight, as do solid performances from Bullock and newcomer Quinton Aaron, who Variety says "more than holds his own opposite Bullock" as real-life gridiron hero Michael Oher. Country star Tim McGraw, who scored plenty of cred for his role in the 2004 book-to-flick football drama 'Friday Night Lights,' co-stars as Bullock's husband, and although he looks almost unrecognizable, his acting talents haven't gone unnoticed. Judging from early reviews, despite the film's cookie-cutter storyline, 'The Blind Side' has most critics cheering.
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